Why Aluminium

Aluminium has many sustainable properties to be chosen over for commercial and residential applications. Known as the “supermetal” of the future, the aluminium industry has run in to a significant increase in demand. The lightweight of the metal supports structures that require lighter materials and is most prominently used in the transport industry. The lightweight does not compromises on its strength and bear a high strength-to-weight ratio. Its high level of corrosion resistance and its Cryogenic properties have enable exposure to all types of challenges struck on us by nature. The high electrical and thermal conductivity of the metal further proves it to be a viable option than any other metal or material. Aluminium is highly pliable and can built into any shape of applications. Unlike in other manufacturing industries, Aluminium industry does not go through a complex manufacturing process, and as a result, it saves energy and makes a positive impact on the environment. Even though Aluminium does not need to be coated to prevent corrosion, different surface coatings can be applied to enhance its reflectivity, color, dirt-repellence, conductivity, further wear-resistance and stylistic choices with layers such as anodizing and powder coating. Aluminium is also 100% recyclable and can be re-used without losing its properties.

Why Swisstek

At Swisstek, we look for excellence in everything we do and we have vowed not to stop until we achieve the expected end-result. Our technologically advanced craftsmanship and our gusto towards what we do, depict our plant as more of a workshop full of artisans than a fully fledged manufacturing plant.